Glasses And Fashion

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Gone are the days when we are called “four eyes” when wearing glasses. These days, glasses are no longer just for those with eye problems. Glasses are now considered to be part of fashion. Just like sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription glasses give us a bolder look that enhances one’s overall appearance. Various frames and styles are available to match your outfit. Besides, people who wear prescription contacts would need a break to allow oxygen to their eyes.

There are two benefits of wearing Non-Prescription glasses. Protection and Fashion could be the top reasons you should start wearing one. Fashion enthusiasts has noted that glasses are no longer just for those who really needs them, non-prescription glasses can actually be part of the office worker’s fashion statement. To know if you need a prescription or a non-prescription glass, you need to consult with and eye specialist such as Tucson ENT.

Which Glasses Are The Best For Your Face Shape

Glasses should actually enhance your face. Here is a video you can watch you to find out your face shape from Michelle Phan.

Once you have identified which face shape you have, here is a quick guide on how to tell which ones are best for you.

Quick Guide: Your Face Shape and the Perfect Frame Size

Oval Face. Oval shaped face is universal and balanced so you can really play a little bit more with different frame shapes to enhance your face. Choose a frame with a square or a sharper edge. Choose a broader topline, and a frame that goes lower down to the cheeks. Avoid round glasses.

Round Face. Go for square. Just like the oval face, don’t choose round glasses. Big square glasses will compliment your soft features.

Square Face. Square shaped faces soften their features with a round shaped frame. Avoid a square frame as it will just emphasize a square jaw and a square forehead which isn’t really flattering.

Rectangular Faces. You have a lot of space to play with so you can get a big round shape frame that can sit a little bit lower on to the cheeks.

Triangular or Heart Face. Vintage glasses with broader top line glasses. Make sure it is slightly wider for heart shaped faces. Avoid large oversized frames.

Watch this video for more detailed explanation on Glass Frames and Face Shapes